Silverstone Single Monitor Arm Review



The Silverstone ARM11SC is available from Overclockers UK in both black and silver for just £99.95.



As I’ve seen and mentioned before, for a large number of people, including myself, monitor arms are a god-send when it comes to having a clutter free desk and also enabling me to have one of my screens mounted vertically. Silverstone’s ARM11SC is one of the most robustly built clamp mounted arms that I have seen in a while – whether it be on someone else’s desk or more likely at a trade show where everyone has their own solution on offer.

Putting the arm together I found to be a rather easy process and to be honest I didn’t feel the need to refer to the manual, however I did find that the user manual was not as clear as it could be, leading to possible confusion for someone that would need it.

When it comes to attaching the arm to the screen, I would like to see a few more bolt types included in the box. Whilst VESA is a known standard, the threads used to attach a VESA mount do vary slightly from vendor to vendor so there may be a compatibility issue here. Fortunately our Dell U3011 panels use the VESA mount holes to attach to the base so the four screw s here could be used to attach the arm, but this may not be the case with other brands and models of screen.

One of the huge befits of this arm, is its compatibility with bigger monitors, whilst Silverstone specify that it is suitable for up to 24″ panels, it is more than capable to holding on to our 9.2kg 30″ panel – the advise I will give here if you’ve got a larger panel is to check its weight – if it is under 10kg then you should be fine, although I wouldn’t want to attach anything more than 9.5kg jsut to be on the safe side without the risk of the screen dropping the arm down to its lowest position due to the weight involved – especially with the arm extended out from the base.

The only other niggle that I have to mention about is the cable chase on the lower arm. The need to unscrew the chase, insert the cables and have to screw it back in with the four tiny screws does seem a bit to fiddly to me. I would rather see something like the design seen on the upper arm – the clip in design is by a long stretch easier to use and quicker as well, especially if you’re adding in an additional cable such as USB.

Overall I’m more than happy with the ARM11SC, its solid aluminium build, stylish looks and compatibility with heavier panels, make it one of my best choices on the market at the moment. Priced in at around £90 for the single arm as seen here, this may not be the cheapest option on the market, but it by far very much worth spending that bit more to get an item of better quality and compatibility.


  • Height adjustable
  • VESA 75/100 compatible
  • Easy to setup
  • Frees up valuable desk space
  • Portrait and landscape orientation
  • Quick to assemble
  • Solid yet light aluminium build


  • Lower arm cable channel very fiddly to use
  • Included bolts limit screen mount compatibility
  • Clearer instructions required

“Silverstone’s ARM11SC is a solidly built item with the ability to hold even the heaviest of panels on the market. There are one or two small items such as included fitting bolts that need a bit of attention, however overall this is one of the best looking and most capable arms on the market today – its worth the little extra cost. Silverstone’s quality speaks for itself.”

Silverstone One ARM ARM11SC Single Monitor Arm

Thanks to Silverstone for providing us with these items for review.