Silverstone Single Monitor Arm Review

A Closer Look

The ARM11SC comes with a number of base fitting options which include a wall mount bracket and screw through bolt for positioning away from the edge of a desk. The most common option that w do see purchased is what we have to work with today – a clamp for attaching to the edge of a desk. Silverstone’s clamp comes in the box as two parts – these require two bolts as seen below to fix them together before the fairly weighty clamp is attached to a desk.

To protect the upper surface of a desk, there is a large area of foam padding above where the clamp puts the most pressure on the desk and at the edge of the two feet that stabilise the mount.

With the clamp attached to the desk, a small pole then screws in, onto which a cable tidy clips on and a metal retaining collar to support the arm.

The arm itself comes in two parts, this gives greater flexibility on where the monitor can be positioned in relation to the base. The arm is constructed out of aluminium and is very well built, with a sturdy construction and a general feel of quality to it.

Inside the end of both parts of the arm is a plastic collar that clamps around the base pole and the short stub on the lower arm. This collar can be locked tight to fix the arm in position or can be left lose to allow the arm to move freely.

On the underside of both arms is a cable chase which can hold a reasonable number of cables – ideal for displays that have more than one input device connected to them. The upper tidy simply clicks into the arm, whilst the lower arm requires a screwdriver to release the cable chase from inside the arm cavity.

Finally, moving on to the VESA mount, the ARM11SC is fully compatible with VESA 75 / 100 panels and unlike some other arms on the market, the head can be rotated through a full 360°, making positioning at any angle possible.  In the end of the arm, before the pivoting head, we can see an Allen key bolt which is used to adjust the tension in the arm based on the weight of the attached screen.