Silverstone Noble Breeze NB05 Notebook Cooler Review

A Closer Look

We did 3 tests with this cooler. Temps at Idle, temps after running Prime 95 and temps after running Furmark. All tests were repeated 3 times and the average results were taken.

At idle the cooler only reduced the temperatures slightly, taking them from 19 degrees (delta) to 17 degrees. Even though it’s a small difference it is at least a change and it does show that the cooler is doing its job.

It’s a similar story when we check temperatures after running prime 95 for 10 minutes. There is most certainly a difference, but it’s only of 4 degrees, taking the delta temperatures from 38 degrees to 34. Again, it does show that the product is working, but for the price of the NB05 as well as the added bulk it doesn’t seem quite worth it.

Then this happened. After running furmark the notebook we were using reached 98 degrees, which equates to 75 degrees delta. When we then connected the NB05 this dropped a massive 28 degrees. On the first run through I thought this must be a mistake, but repeated tests confirmed these results. I was very shocked at this and instantly changed my mind. Its performance is outstanding when it gets a chance.

To check the speed of the RJ45 Jack, I ran 3 speed tests using OOKLA

Using an Ethernet connection straight to my router, I get this:

If I use the NB05, my speed does drop, which is to be expected as this uses a 100 Base-T RJ-45 port. With an average speed of 94.5Mb/s I certainly don’t think anyone will be complaining.