Silverstone Noble Breeze NB05 Notebook Cooler Review

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A Closer Look

Overall the cooler is very sleek, it’s light weight but has a feel of quality and sturdiness about it. It has a smooth shiny black top panel which is a nice contrast to the rest of the cooler which is matt black with a textured finish.


On the right-hand side you have the 3 USB ports, the USB micro B host port and the DC-In Jack. It would have been nice for Silverstone to include a DC-adapter with this product as it does mention that the USB 3 ports will need to be powered. This isn’t a massive problem as it will only matter if you use power hungry USB 3.0 devices, but most devices shouldn’t need this.


The left hand side is completely blank, however it is stylized and you do get a sense of quality, even though it isn’t going to be looked at, its high quality plastic and the different textures do make it look better and don’t go un-noticed. You can also see the angle that your notebook will be resting at.


From the front of the NB05 you can see the Silverstone logo, just above this is where the air comes from, the little fins direct the air and stops it from pushing left or right, this will ensure that all the cool air heads straight for the notebook.


If you look into the cooler from the front you can see that it has 1 long cross flow fan. It’s rated at 5v and has a RPM of 1250. During testing, this fan is almost silent. Quite often I had to check to make sure that it was actually running as it could not be heard over my notebook or ambient noise.


Behind the NB05 is completely plain apart from the RJ-45 socket. This is an excellent feature for certain netbooks and Ultrabooks that don’t come with an RJ-45 socket and rely solely on wireless or USB dongles for connectivity. With this, you can just plug your Ethernet connection straight into the NB05 and then plug the USB cable into your notebook. Drivers are available online and it’s very easy to get going. It is a 10/100 Base-T connector and does its job well, we will take a closer look at this later.


Underneath the cooler is an intake for the fan and some rubber feet to ensure that any surface that this cooler is placed on doesn’t get scratched and also ensures that it can’t slide.


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  • Avatar Tate Cohen says:

    Did you try testing the cooling capabilities by just putting the notebook on the cooler while it is disconnected (i.e. the fan is not running)? I’m not sure what’s the specific laptop type used for the test, but if it has fan inlets on the bottom, it usually benefits greatly from being propped up from the table surface and this is where the big difference in test results comes from.

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