Silverstone Nightjar 520W Passive Modular Power Supply Review

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A Closer Look – Exterior

Power Supply Unit

Silverstone opt for a silver colour scheme, this could be both appealing and off-putting for potential buyers. Some may like the coordination with the Platinum idea and the fact this would go well with new white cases on the market (like the Corsair 780T) and white motherboards (like the MSI Z97 Krait Edition or ASUS X99 Deluxe). However, others may think the silver looks like the cheap OEM casing you get on many $20 PSUs. Personally, I think it looks fine. The only issue I have is that it scratches easily and those scratches are visible.

Silverstone_Nightjar_520 (7)

Like with the top, both sides house additional ventilation to allow this unit to function correctly as a passive unit. You can also see a few scratches that I was mentioning before.

Silverstone_Nightjar_520 (8)

Silverstone_Nightjar_520 (10)

Around the back and we find more ventilation to keep the internal air moving. There’s also a kettle lead input and a power switch.

Silverstone_Nightjar_520 (9)

At the base is the power supply sticker with all the details and certifications and some additional ventilation.

Silverstone_Nightjar_520 (11)

On the modular cable end we find yet a warning that notes the top side must face up; this is to aid natural convection.
Silverstone_Nightjar_520 (12)


Silverstone provide a motherboard 24 pin, a CPU 8 pin and four PCIe 6+2 pin connectors.

Silverstone_Nightjar_520 (4)

They also provide four peripheral cables with six SATA, five molex and one FDD adapter which uses one of those five molex.

Silverstone_Nightjar_520 (5)

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