Silverstone Milo SST-ML08B Mini-ITX Gaming Chassis Review

Complete System

With all our hardware installed, things are looking pretty busy in here. Then again, this is some serious hardware in a seriously small chassis, so that’s to be expected. We didn’t have a modular SFX PSU, however, so there are a lot of excess cables, but even then we still had room to store them behind the PSU and away from fans and other hardware.

The SSD mounts are nice and easy to use and offer tool-free installation. I should point out that our SSD is the wrong way around, as the SATA connector needs to be at the other side, but that’s something we didn’t realise until after the fact (and the system was dismantled) as it’s only a dummy hard drive for the photos.

We even managed a low-profile cooler with a few millimeters to spare, so you’re not limited to stock coolers either!

The SFX PSU mounted easily enough and both this and the CPU cooler will make use of the large side panel ventilation and dust filters.

The PSU pass through cable is on the slim side of the chassis, but will be covered completely by the side panels, giving you a neat and tidy final build.

The GPU raiser card fits easily enough, allowing for a pain-free installation process.

As you can see, even the massive Sapphire R9 270X Tri-X Toxic fit with ease!

With plenty of room to pass-through the required cables. The fans on the GPU pull air through the other large side panel filter, giving you excellent cooling potential.

All panels back in place, you can barely see the hardware on the interior.

Of course, it is lurking behind that dust filter and you can see the fans for the PSU and the CPU cooler are perfectly situated to get great airflow.

On the other side, you can just about see the GPU behind the filter, again, perfectly located for great airflow.

The chassis can be laid flat like a HTPC, but the included vertical mounts work perfectly too, giving you a couple of solution for mounting the chassis.