SilverStone ES01 PCI-E Remote PC Switch Kit


There really isn’t that much which we can test when it comes to performance and usage on an add-in card like this. It has one function, or rather two in this case, which work as-is and doesn’t require any benchmarking.

Two things that I can test is the ease of installation and the range of the wireless transmitter. First the installation. It really couldn’t be simpler to install the SilverStone ES01 add-in card. Unscrew an expansion slot cover, insert the card and put the screw back. Connect the two cables and you’re done. It works.

I got an apartment with a size of 76 square metres and I have placed my test system with the ES01 card in the furthest possible corner and I was able to turn it on and off as well as reset the system from any place in my apartment. It simply works.

The power button on the remote will act exactly like the one on your chassis and how you have configured your motherboard’s BIOS to handle it – whether it’s instant off, sleep, or hibernate modes. In short, it is a wireless set of case buttons and they work like a charm.