SilverStone EP03 USB 3.0 Charging Hub with Display Review

Setup Procedure & Testing Method

Testing a USB hub is pretty straightforward and doesn’t require much as-is. Everything is plug-and-play by nature, so the only thing to test is whether the use of the hub will have any impact on connected storage performance or not.

For this, I’ll be using my trusted Angelbird SSD2go pocket 512GB USB 3.0 SSD to the USB hub and run a series of benchmarks. I’ll then unplug the USB hub and connect the drive to the same host port as the hub previously was and run all the same benchmarks again. This will give us a good view on performance impact, if any. We should expect a minor fluctuation, but it is to be seen on the next pages how it will hold up.

Test system:

We would like to thank our sponsors for supplying us with the equipment needed to perform these tests.

Drives in Product:

  • Angelbird SSD2go Pocket 512GB USB 3.0 drive

Software used:

  • Anvil’s Storage Utilities
  • AS SSD
  • ATTO
  • CrystalDiskMark