Silverstone AR07 & AR08 CPU Cooler Review

A Closer Look – AR07

The larger fan of the AR07 looks fairly similar to the smaller AR08 fan, with the blue and white detailing and shaped fan blades.

The two big differences here being that it clocks in at a 140mm wide and features a much more attractive black braiding on the PWM cable.

The cooling tower still features that funky custom shape, which will again help with directing the airflow while also helping to reduce noise. The cooling tower is obviously a lot larger here and with the larger fan, it will operate at lower, and much quieter, RPM.

One thing that is clearly different is the size of the heat pipes; they’re 2mm thicker and are going to provide better coverage of the CPU block and be able to handle a higher TDP overall.

Just like we saw with the AR08, the build quality is rock solid and while simple in terms of general layout, it’s aesthetically pleasing overall.

More cut outs in the fins allow for better airflow and cooling.

The direct contact heat pipes are fit nicely into the block and should provide good coverage over your CPU of choice.