Silent Hills – the Horror Game We’ve Been Waiting For

I’m sure by now you’ve all heard of P.T, short for Playable Teaser, for the PlayStation 4, if you haven’t then where have you been!? P.T appears as a demo on the PlayStation Store and is free to download, it’s 1.9Gb big and you get around 30 mins worth of playtime, more if you’re a huge wuss when it comes to horror games like I am. All I’m saying is that I tried it at 2am a few days ago an I turned it off in about 5 minutes, 10/10 huge wimp. Anyway, the demo itself looks amazing, the developers are clearly going for a hyper-realistic look with the game for more immersion and just a better quality game. The lighting in the demo is spectacular, swinging lights and dark corners really give it that horror feel that gamers love.


Now when P.T first appeared nobody knew what on earth it was, until they finished it that is. (Sorry for spoilers here) Upon finishing the demo you are rewarded with a cutscene featuring Norman Reedus, yes it is that guy from The Walking Dead, who better to place in a creepy/hostile environment then one of the most badass characters on television right now.


I for one cannot wait for the full title to launch and to be sucked into the horrific world of Silent hill, although I’ll most likely turn it off within 10 minutes. *sigh*

Thanks to Tweaktown for supplying us with this information.

Image courtesy of Tweaktown.