“Signs From The Near Future” Provide An Interesting Insight To Modern Life

Technology is changing faster than ever these days, innovative and world changing products seem to hit the market every other month and while we’re all so busy using our new gadget overlords to share things on social media, stream our multimedia, navigate us where ever we go and more, we often forget to look at just how radically the world is changing around us.

We’ve got driverless cars on our roads, drones in the sky, VR glasses and other wearable technologies, as far as the young boy in my mind is concerned, we are in what I would have called the future when I was little. So what comes next in our technology obsessed lives? Well designer Fernando Barbella has shared his image of a slightly dystopian future in his Signs of the Near Future Tumblr and whilst some are a little amusing, some are pretty thought provoking too as they’re not all that far detached from the reality we live in now…

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Thank you Signsfromthefuture for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of Signsfromthefuture.