Seasonic Displays Their Best PSUs at Computex 2015

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Seasonic 1

Computex 2015 – Seasonic has been in the business for a long time and they’re actually celebrating their 40th birthday this year. We’ve visited their booth at Computex to take a look at their power supplies.

Seasonic 2

They brought along both their industrial PSUs that often are found in servers, NAS units, and similar as well as their external power bricks.

Seasonic 3

The also brought along some of their X-series and G-series power retail power supplies that by now should be well known by most enthusiasts.

Seasonic 4

The Snow Silent series brings white to the PSU market as well as great 80 Plus Platinum efficiency rating.

Seasonic 5

Seasonic 6

On display was also the Seasonic Titanium 850W fully modular PSU. This PSU doesn’t just bring you a lot of stable power, it also comes with official 80 Plus Titanium efficiency rating. With up to 94% efficiency on an 110V line (more on 230V), this is one of the most efficient power supplies on the market.

Seasonic 8

Seasonic 9

Seasonic 7

If you’re a fan of lights, then the Lighting Cube PSU is just for you. Available as both 850W and 750W units, this PSU doesn’t just provide you with power, but also a colourful atmosphere. The RGB lighting can be adjusted to match the rest of your setup and the units come with 80 Plus Gold certification.

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