Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Pro Ultra-Portable Drive USB 3.0 Review

There are lots of advantages to external hard-drives, but not quite as many as a purely portable drive. First and foremost it allows you to safeguard your data, those precious documents, or that music library that has taken you years to collect. Secondly it allows you to access data where ever you are, whether it is at home, school, university, sat on a train or whatever else takes your fancy that particular day. While USB memory sticks offer the perfectly compact solution for moving around data, they are rather expensive for the capacities available, especially when compared to a standard mechanical hard drive.

The reason memory sticks are so expensive is they use flash memory, similar to the likes of SSD’s, whereas portable drives are nearly exclusively made up of a mechanical hard drive. While flash memory of course has more positives than negatives over mechanical disk drives, for instance, much quicker performance, they will always fall down at the price point.

Seagate have tried to combine the best of both worlds into one drive, aiming to give you improved performance through the USB 3.0 interface while giving you the larger capacities of the mechanical hard disk drives. While the brand FreeAgent GoFlex features various different interfaces, the latest and hopefully the best is the USB 3.0, as such these Portable drives can be purchased with the USB 3.0 interface or can be upgraded at a later date, they are for want of another phrase, flexible.