Seagate Archive v2 8TB Drives Start Selling

A few month back we could report that selected customers were getting samples of 8TB Seagate drives prior to a full release. It looks like this release is upon us now, as the Seagate Archive v2. 8TB drives are starting to get listed around websites ready to order. And considering what you get, it isn’t even that expensive.

The new 8TB Seagate Archive v2 HDD has 128MB cache, an average data rate of 150MB/s and a max sustained data rate of 190MB/s and is built on a 6-platter design with 1.33TB on each and a rotation speed of 5900RPM. With a mean time before failure rating of 800,000 hours (91.26 years), this is a drive that should keep your data safe for a very long time.

While the speeds might not be impressive on their own, for a 5900RPM drive they are fairly good, and considering the name and price point; I’d say they’re great. The listed warranty period is only 3-years though.

HGST already has their 8TB 3.5-inch drives on the market, but they will set you back 600 euro versus the just 247 euro for the Seagate drive, that’s less than half the price.

Images courtesy of Seagate