SD Cards will Disappear Says Xiaomi

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The world’s 3rd largest smartphone distributor, Xiaomi recently launched a budget friendly smartphone, Mi4i in India. Unlike its offerings in that segment, this one didn’t sport a removable SD card slot for storage expansion. This step can be seen in most flagship devices’ case. Xiaomi’s VP Hugo Barra came on record to clarify the speculations. In an interview, he made it clear that they are fundamentally against an SD card slot in high performance devices like Mi3, Mi4, Mi4i and Mi Note lineups. They did not want to sacrifice the area covered by SD card slot in a device. It can be used for other important components like increasing battery capacity, another Micro SIM slot, appearance and ergonomics and that is how Mi4i with 5″ display carries 3150 mAh battery. SD cards are also “incredibly prone to failure and malfunctioning of various different sorts”. These memory storage cards are slow, unreliable and when crashes cause OS corruption, Data loss.

“It is a trend: SD cards will disappear,” Barra added. “You should basically not expect SD card slots in any of our flagships.” Hugo said. Devices like Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge doesn’t support removable SD Card storage. Samsung did incredible job by replacing standard eMMC 5.0 by UFS 2.0 storage which boast ‘Command Queue’ tech used in SSDs. That is how it blows away the competition.

This is a good step, but it will take time for consumers to accept. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comment section.

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3 Comments on SD Cards will Disappear Says Xiaomi

  • Avatar Jeff Ward says:

    Until 128gb or so becomes the norm for internal storage, they should not get rid of the card slot. I know there are a lot of people who like to keep a good sized collection of movies and music on their phones. And some of the newer games can take up quite a bit of storage space, especially the ones that are android re-releases of older AAA titles, like the GTA games and KOTOR.

  • Avatar carol argo says:

    @xiaomei .:could you just copy and paste next time. here I LL help you ! Micron and Intel Unveil New 3D NAND Flash Memory Technology Advancements Enable Three Times More Capacity than Other NAND Technologies

  • Avatar 12John34 says:

    I have seen many phones using the SD card slot as a dual purpose slot where you can insert a second SIM.

    How much bigger battery can you put in an area that is for an microSD card? Can you increase the battery capacity by 10%? Take a good quality li-ion battery of, let’s say 2000mAh, look at it’s size and think how many microSD cards (with the microSD slot) you can fit in that size. I bet adding one more microSD would NOT give you even that 10%. With a microSD slot probably that 3150mAh battery on Mi4i would have been 3000mAh. Only the marketing department would see a real difference in that, not the consumer.

    So all these excuses about saving room, for me are BS. Xiaomi wants people to pay more for the bigger storage versions of their phones. As every other company. They know that, what it will cost them single digit dollars, will bring them double digit income from every device sold.

    And no. THIS IS A BAD STEP.

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