Scythe Releases Slip Stream 120 DB Fan Series

Scythe expanded their 120mm fan portfolio with a new series, the Slip Stream 120 DB. While the naming isn’t the smartest as most will associate the DB with dB, it has nothing to do with the noise generation but rather the double ball bearings used.

The new line-up includes five regular models with fixed fan speeds as well as one PWM-enabled model and thanks to the new dual ball bearings the fans have an increased lifespan of 350,000 hours.

The Slip Stream series feature a small hub and large blades to increase the flow area and airflow without increasing the fan speed. The PWM enabled version offers a wide fan speed range from 300RPM to 1300 RPM. The five non-PWM models will be available with an RPM of 500, 800, 1200, 1600 and 1900.

The model name may make these fans sound like some noisy ones, but they aren’t. The 500RPM model operates at just 7.2 dBA while still providing a steady airflow of 24.50 CFM while the 800RPM model can move 40.17 CFM at just 10.7 dBA.

Scythe also supplies four rubber vibration dampeners to assure that any vibration is absorbed and doesn’t move onto your chassis. Regular fan screws are also included and so is a 3-pin to 4-pin adapter.

The long life Slip Stream 120 DB fans are available as of today with the MSRP of 7.50 EUR (excl. Tax/VAT) for regular models. Slip Stream 120 DB PWM can be purchased for 10.00 EUR (excl. Tax/VAT).