Scan Computers Unveils Awesome Skylake Bundle!

Many enthusiasts on older CPUs like the i7-2600K patiently waited for Skylake’s launch to upgrade their hardware. Unfortunately, Intel’s latest platform experienced supply problems in certain territories which led to eye watering prices on the flagship i7-6700K. In the UK, retailers were charging £100 extra compared to the i7-4790K which prevented many users from upgrading. Not only that, the i7-6700K actually costs more than a 6-core 5820K on the professional X99 architecture. Thankfully, Scan Computers has launched a superb bundle which might just be the package you’ve been waiting for. It includes an Intel i7-6700K, ASUS Maximus VIII Hero, Corsair H110i GT 280mm liquid cooling solution, 16GB Dual Channel Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3000MHz CL15 memory and ASUS Strix Glide mouse mat.

This makes it remarkably easy to overclock the CPU and you should manage within the 4.6-4.8GHz range. Please remember this does vary on the silicon lottery, but the H110i GT is an extreme grade cooler and backed by a 5 year warranty. Other important aspects to take into consideration is the motherboard’s superb SupremeFX audio, ROG software, gorgeous design and high-end components. As you can see, the package is designed for the extreme user who wants the ultimate in performance without moving to an X99 system.

In terms of pricing, the complete package costs £647.00 including next day delivery which is pretty good given the high-end hardware on offer. The only thing to be wary of is the 280mm radiator size, as older cases will struggle to support it. If you’re interested in purchasing the bundle, please navigate to this page. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the latest Skylake pricing and improvements compared to the previous generation. Do you feel the i7-6700K is still wildly overpriced? On my own personal rig, I decided to go down the X99 route instead based entirely on the poor value proposition of Intel’s top-end consumer chip.