Scamming Site Offering ‘Free’ Origin Game Keys Discovered

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A site offering free game keys for Origin users has been discovered, where users have the freedom to browse through all the games available on Origin and request a ‘free’ key which will be delivered to them 24 hours after they have entered their login credentials in a basic looking form. Now obviously I will stress at this time that if you ever come across a site that appears to be ‘offering’ free keys and there is no hard evidence available to support it, turn around and walk away; these rogue sites are there simply to acquire your Origin login credentials. You can imagine what happens from there.


This new scamming site that has been uncovered runs under a number of URLs – the main one of these being , although a bit of rooting around has discovered that the site owner, who has built the very basic looking site through, has the domain names and also registered, pointing to the Weebly domain.  Further investigation shows that the site is hosted on a server in an Amsterdam datacentre in the Netherlands and is registered under BV Dot TK (masking the true owners identity), whilst the name servers suggest the site was registered through the Free Dom domain registration service.

Further more, the YouTube video that ‘shows’ how the keys can be obtained is shown on a page titled ‘BBC’ although the fact that there is only one video on this channel rings alarm bells in itself and the 480p quality is used to try to mask the creators personal details as they ‘demonstrate’ how the keys are requested. Whilst watching the video we see that the users system’s language is French, narrowing down the true source of the scam and in the comment section one watcher asks if this process is illegal – the response from the creator: ‘of corse watch the video ‘.


Whatever way you look at this scam, it is a cheap way of obtaining users Origin identities and considering how simple the site looks and the information behind it that can be found, I doubt it will be long before this site is taken down. I’ll once again re-iterate my word that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is – especially if it looks like a rookie attempt as well.

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1 Comment on Scamming Site Offering ‘Free’ Origin Game Keys Discovered

  • Avatar Alessandro Andres De Marta says:

    Again? Not surprised but the design on the web looks legit and makes people feel like it is…
    EA please take that crap down.

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