Sapphire Nitro OC R9 Fury Graphics Card Review

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V’s huge open world is brimming with detail and stresses graphics hardware extremely well. The Fury’s minimum frame-rate wasn’t great, and the lowest on record. Hopefully, this is down to a slight abnormality in the benchmark or a driver issue. Thankfully, the average performance is much better and within 1 frame of the Fury X.

The data in 1440P benchmarking suggests that the minimum 1080p frame-rate was a bizarre bug and not reflective of the GPU’s capabilities. Despite rendering at a higher resolution, the Fury managed a better minimum frame-rate! Not only that, the minimum result surpassed the Fury X and upheld a fantastic 60 frames-per-second average.

GTA V is absurdly demanding on a 4K display, and requires a dual GPU configuration to reach a fluid, consistent frame-rate. Here we can see the Fury has significant drops near the 10 FPS mark, and achieves an average of 33. This is decent and matches the Fury X.