Sapphire Nitro OC R9 Fury Graphics Card Review

Noise, Power Consumption and Temperatures


Under idle conditions, the graphics card runs in a passive mode, meaning it’s completely silent. In the chart, we can see the recorded acoustics of the entire system is 39 decibels. To reiterate, the GPU itself doesn’t add any noise during low utilization and the acoustic performance simply depends on other aspects of your system. This is wonderful for users with a chassis favouring noise isolation over pure cooling performance. Once stressed, the Tri-X cooling hardware is astonishing and manages to tame the GPU core while remaining extremely quiet.

Power Consumption

AMD’s latest architecture is more energy-efficient than its predecessor and consumes a very respectable 309 watts under load. Notice how the lack of a water cooling unit has reduced the power demands by a noticeable amount.


As expected, the Tri-X cooling does a fantastic job of keeping the GPU’s thermals low. Clearly, it’s not going to compete with the water-cooled Fury X, but this isn’t a surprise and shouldn’t detract from the impeccable performance.