Sapphire AMD Radeon R7 265 Dual-X 2GB Graphics Card Review

A Closer Look

The card uses dual 75mm fans blowing down onto a relatively sizeable aluminium heatsinks with dual 8mm direct contact heat pipes.

The PCB used is matte black so will tastefully fit into most systems.

The card is a dual slot thickness and just 9 inches long making it ideal for small form factor builds.

The single 6 pin power connector is end mounted which is something I do not personally like.

The bottom reveals those 8mm heat pipes.

The rear I/O gives dual DVI, DisplayPort and HDMI. The black DVI port is the one to use for the VGA adapter. If you want to run 4K off this card then you can do 60Hz 4K via DP or 30Hz 4K via HDMI.