SanDisk Unveils New Drives @ CES 2016

CES 2016: SanDisk always has a number of interesting products to showcase during press events, and CES 2016 was no different. While the Extreme Portable 510 was announced a few weeks ago, it’s interesting to see how small it is in person and the quality of workmanship. Unfortunately, the 510 only comes in a 480GB capacity which is a baffling decision. Nevertheless, the design is fantastic and incorporates an IP55 rubber coating which protects against dust and water splashes. According to SanDisk, it’s meant for video professionals who require a rugged, and high performance drive on-the-go. In terms of pricing, the device will cost $250 and begin entering retail channels in the next few weeks.

The company also displayed a 200GB USB flash drive which can connect wirelessly to smart devices and provide the storage many users need. This is so important on Apple handsets where the storage is locked and cannot be expanded. Technically the drive utilizes 802.11n, costs $120 and can be purchased right now.