SanDisk Introduces Their First USB 3 Type C Flash Drive

We’ve seen motherboard and add-in card manufacturers getting ready with new versions to support the USB 3.1 and Type C connectors, and the mobile industry is expected to add the type C connector to most of their new models too. But a connector is no good without anything to plug into it, which makes it great to see that storage manufacturers start to release the drives to support it too.

The new Dual USB Drive features a Type C connector on one end and a USB 3.0 on the other for fast and easy transfer between next-generation devices and the PC. It will initially be available as a 32GB model and is expected to launch worldwide in Q2 2015 with more capacities are planned at a later time.

SanDisk’s new Dual USB drive will be available as a 32GB model initially with an expected worldwide launch date during Q2 2015. More capacities are planned at a later time.

Thanks to SanDisk for providing us with this information