SanDisk Connect SDWS2 16 GB Wireless Flash Drive Review

A Closer Look

At the first look, the SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive looks like any other. But it isn’t, and one of the reasons is located right in the middle of the stick. The silver button to turn the wireless function on and off. It already has a surface resembling a fingerprint, so even repeated uses won’t make it look dirty or pressed. At the top right you can spot the cover for the SD card slot.

Turning the flash drive around, we see the drive name, model and serial numbers. The usual certification logos are printed here as well, and so is the Made in China mark.

The slot for the microSD card is the same you might know from your cell phone or tablet. A simple rubber cover that can be pulled out with your nails. Underneath is a default SD slot, a press on the card pops it right out.

The included microSD card is a SanDisk Ultra 16GB HC-I card, a well known and stable card.

Turning the stick a bit and sliding back the plug cover, we expose the USB 2.0 type A connector. This is used to charge the flash drive as well as connecting it to the PC’s or other devices. The drive works just like any other flash drive when using the USB connector.

The cover uses a very simple sliding mechanism, like seen on so many flash drives before. It would have been nice if it also covered the USB connector when closed, to protect it from to much pocket lint. But that’s nothing a good old blow doesn’t take care of.

Turning the drive once again and we cen see the loop to attach a cord or add it to your key-chain. We also get a good look at the SD card cover.

The only included accessory is the manual on how to get the stick going in wireless mode. And it’s great that it is included. While the flash drive isn’t hard or difficult to use, you still have to know how. It only has one button, so you have to know how to use it and what the LED flashing means.