Samsung’s Cutting Edge Research Could Theoretically Double Battery Capacity

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Samsung’s Institute of Research and Technology has developed an innovative production process based on a new silicon cathode covered in high-crystalline graphite to double the battery life compared to existing products. This results in a huge density increase without any concessions being made in terms of battery size. In Hyuk Son, a specialized researcher on the team explained“The research has dramatically improved the capacity of lithium-ion batteries by applying a new synthesis method of high-crystalline graphene to a high-capacity silicon cathode. We will continue to improve the secondary cell technology to meet the expanding demand from mobile device and electric vehicle markets.”

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(a) A low-magnification TEM image of Gr–Si NP. (b) A higher-magnification TEM image for the same Gr–Si NP from the white box in a. (Insets) The line profiles from the two red boxes indicate that the interlayer spacing between graphene layers is ~3.4 Å, in good agreement with that of typical graphene layers based on van der Waals interaction. (c) A high-magnification TEM image visualizing the origins (red arrows) from which individual graphene layers grow. (d) A schematic illustration showing the sliding process of the graphene coating layers that can buffer the volume expansion of Si.

The diagram above provides a synopsis of the technical research paper and indicates how the symbiosis of silicon and graphite merge into a high-capacity battery. While this is exciting news, I cannot see it being widely implemented on an affordable, mainstream product line for many years. Samsung are undoubtedly at the cutting edge of technological advancements and aiming to distinguish themselves from Apple, HTC and other competitors. Handheld devices have consistently become more capable of multi threaded and demanding tasks which puts great strain on battery life. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to carry the computational horsepower around without having to perform daily charges?

Thank you The Korea Times for providing us with this information.

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    this is only the gazillionth article about possible battery improvements. sadly none of them seem to amount to anything

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