Samsung’s Context Service May Take Data Collection And Surveillance To Worrying Levels

A report by TheInformation, via the Verge, suggests that Samsung is working on a new service that will allow app developers to know even more details about mobile users. The new service is to be called “Context” and the service would collect data on what apps people use, what data their phone’s sensors pick up, how long they use apps for and so on. This data is then accessible to app developers to allow them to develop better apps which to you and me translates into apps that are more effectively monetised. For example a developer of an app with in-app video adverts or videos might use details about your video search history to know to target you with sports videos.

The service has reportedly been delayed due to internal disagreements over whether the service would actually help Samsung sell more smartphones, as a result the proposal is not finalised and may or may not happen. The “Context” service is apparently a direct result (or reason for) the meeting Google and Samsung had recently to decide on how to change Android in the future. Interestingly that meeting also took place just a day before Google announced the sale of Motorola to Lenovo. Without an involvement in hardware Google will definitely be relying more on partners like Samsung to implement new software features. However, does Context really sound like something you would want on your phone? As if most companies (and governments) didn’t have enough data on you, now they will be able to get their hands on even more!

Image courtesy of Samsung