Samsung working on a display to beat the Retina

As is traditional with Apple, when they have something else no one else does they just love to market the hell out of it. You probably can’t make through a day’s worth of TV without seeing an Apple Retina display advert somewhere. The irony is that Samsung and LG actually manufacturer these Retina displays for Apple. But Samsung isn’t just going to take the Retina display it makes and chuck it onto its own tablets (especially since Apple would probably cry patent/design theft for something they don’t even own). Samsung plans to go one better and developer a display to be superior to the retina, then they will implement it on their own devices.

News is circulating that Samsung is preparing an AMOLED display with 350ppi. Now Samsung is reportedly ready with functioning samples of 350ppi displays that are better than the retina display. This is thanks to the advancements in the Fine Metal Mask production technique.

Samsung has not announced any time frame when we can expect to see this 350ppi displays, but hopefully they will come soon and save us from any more marketing drivel from the team over at Apple. With 350ppi the new AMOLED displays from Samsung easily beat Apple’s (or should that be Samsung’s) 326ppi display on the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPod touch.