Samsung Unveils New and Faster PRO+ and EVO+ Memory Cards

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Samsung might be moving away more and more away from the memory card usage in their smartphones, but that doesn’t mean that they are planning to give up on that market sector. They have just released two new versions of their EVO and PRO SD and microSD cards dubbed the plus series and coming with capacities up to 128GB.

The new memory cards follow the same scheme as the solid state drives with the Samsung EVO+ memory card being the budget version with slightly less speed but also a more affordable price tag. The EVO plus series of memory cards are U1 rated and can still perform with 80MB/s at reading and 20MB/s at writing. The EVO+ will be available as 32, 64 and 128GB variants.


The PRO plus line provides better transfer speeds, as it is to be expected. With 95MB/s at reading and 90MB/s at writing, this card is perfect for high-speed video recording, 4K photo shooting, 3D recordings, or anything else that requires a large data stream to be stored quickly. The PRO cards are faster than the EVO cards, but they aren’t as big. The new Samsung PRO plus memory cards will be available as 64GB and 32GB capacities.


Both series come with upgraded Samsung 5-proof features: Waterproof, temperature proof, X-ray proof, magnetic proof and shock proof. Plus cards can withstand 72 hours of being submerged in seawater, which is a 48-hour improvement over current products. The new cards should become available this month, but no word on pricing yet.

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1 Comment on Samsung Unveils New and Faster PRO+ and EVO+ Memory Cards

  • Avatar Curter says:

    pro+ series R/W – 95/90MB/s ➡ of course expensive ( 128GB = $199.99 )
    Evo + series R/W – 80/20MB/s ➡ less expensive due to low write speed (128 GB = $64.99)
    if you’re looking for one for your portable device(s) for example surface, imo, you should go for EVO or Evo+ , But if your work deals with very frequent read & write , then you might consider pro or pro + line…
    there are just some ban’e info… If some one wants to dig deep, you can study the UHS and your device capabilities as welI…

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