Samsung Slashes Prices On 55 And 65 Inch UHD TVs reports that Samsung have been busy cutting prices of their Ultra High Definition (UHD) TVs. In fact Samsung have slashed quite a significant amount off the 55 inch F9000 UHD TV and the 65 inch F9000 UHD TV. Previously the 55 inch model retailed for $5499.99 and the 65 inch model for $7499.99. Now they retail for $4497.99 and $5997.99 respectively, meaning price cuts of $1000 US and $1500 US for the 55 inch and 65 inch models.

Samsung’s move to slash prices of their 4K ready UHD TVs comes in response to Sony making a similar move recently. Sony chopped $1000 off its 55 inch XBR-65X900A and $1500 off its 65 inch XBR-65X900A giving final prices of $3998 and $5498 respectively – making Sony’s equivalents $500 cheaper than both the Samsung models. Apparently Sony are also planning to introduce two lower cost equivalents of those same models that do not have the elaborate internal sound systems. This allows Sony to reduce the price by a further $500 for each model down to $3498 for the 55 inch and $4998 for the 65 inch model. These cuts should be felt across all regions and types of retailers as these are unilateral prices set by Sony.

Expect more competition between Sony and Samsung in the near future. Also expect LG to join in as they plan to introduce a more “budget” series of UHD TVs in the near future.

Image courtesy of Samsung