Samsung Reviews its Own Watch, Says its “Awesome”

It appears that Samsung is trying out some more of their outlandish marketing techniques.

The “most average editor” writing a review of the Gear S smart watch for the ‘Samsung Tomorrow’ company blog has come out with the bold statement that “as much as this may sound biased, Gear S is awesome.”

Now of course he isn’t impartial to the company that is paying him to write on their company blog, why would you even think that? Now enough of the sarcasm, this ‘review’ is purely a cleverly masked piece of marketing that may well dupe a few unsuspecting readers into thinking it is an objective and unbiased analysis of the product in question.

Not only is this alone an unethical way of presenting a product, undermining the hard work of reviewers like those here at eTeknix, Samsung is deceiving their ‘readers’ by falling incredibly short of their promise to be “clear and transparent”on ‘Samsung Tomorrow’.

Source: The Verge