Samsung ordered its Chinese suppliers to stop child labour after a watchdog group report

During September, China Labour Watch made an audit report which found 6 factories operated by Samsung which alleged that one factory employee hired as much as Seven children under 16. Furthermore, there were also alleged violation of forced overtime work which amounts to more than 100 hours a month, unpaid work and 11 to 12 hours of standing.

Korean based manufacturer Samsung on the other hand made with own internal audit of 105 Chinese supplies and 65,000 workers in China operated under their brand and found violations of overtime laws which would take about 2 years to resolve.

However they did not accept the allegations being made by the labor watch dog- although Samsung did state that it needs to complete its audit with 144 more suppliers- but they will introduce newer rules with more stringent identity checks and will terminate any contract if anyone is caught using Child labour.

Source: The Telegraph