Samsung Introduced New 4K 60Hz Monitors with FreeSync

If you haven’t made the switch to 4K yet then Samsung’s latest monitor offerings might be right up your alley and something to take into your purchase decision. Not only do the specs look nice, they also come at a very nice price point.

The U24E590D and U28E590D are 24-inch and 28-inch respectively and they are Samsung’s first monitors in the UHD line to deploy AMD’s FreeSync technology. The UHD monitors come with a 3840×2160 resolution and can both do 60Hz at this resolution.

Samsung didn’t just add DisplayPort connectivity but also HDMI 2.0 allowing you to choose wich method you want to use and still get 60Hz. The grey to grey refresh rate is 4ms for the small monitor and 1ms for the big one. But impressive and both would be suited well for both work and gameplay.

The two monitors variate slightly as the 24-inch (23.6″) uses a PLS panel while the 28-inch uses a TN panel. The small has 178-degree viewing angles in all directions where the 28-inch only has 170/160 degrees. On the other hand, the large one has a better brightness level of 370cd/m2 where the small only has 300. Both monitors offer Picture-in-Picture Picture-by-Picture technology

The U24E590D has an MSRP of just $399.99 and will be available July 26. The U28E590D is available now and comes with an MSRP of $599.99.