[Rumour] Sony May Introduce Vita & PS4 Bundle At Gamescom

Inside Gaming Daily have made an interesting report yesterday, claiming the information came from a “well placed anonymous source”, the source claims that Sony could be set to announce a bundle of the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita for “around $500” and if this turns out to be true it could deal a serious blow to Microsoft.

Sony are still to announce any form of bundle for either console, they haven’t even revealed the official retail release date for the hardware! Yet it makes sense that Sony would be wanting to promote the sale of the Vita given that it works harmoniously with the PlayStation 4 hardware for a multitude of features such as remote play, cross platform play, and even as a controller or second screen for some games.

This would offer a great saving on both consoles, not just the Vita and with the Vita currently around $249.99 and the PS4 at $399.99 you would be looking at huge saving, but while that seems like madness from Sony it might actually pay off for them in the long run as you would then want to buy more software for both platforms to make use of the portable device.

Sony have used Gamescom as a stage to make many announcements for PlayStation in the past, so we could hear of price drops, bundles and hopefully the final retail date.

Thank you Video Gamer for providing us with this information.