Rumour: AMD Fury Lineup Detailed

With a name hearkening back to earlier times, AMD is set to release Fury to combat Nvidia’s Titan X. While we’ve long known that Fury carries HBM, the exact lineup details have been more sketchy. A new report coming from hwbattle [Korean] suggests that the Fury lineup will consist of three chips, Fury Pro, Fury XT and Fury Nano. Giving past naming conventions, the XT will be the high-end model followed by the Pro and Nano.

Three models does make some sense as there is quite a performance gap in AMD’s lineup if they want to beat the Titan X. While it’s good to have a product that can match or beat the Titan X, it’s also important to have cards that can slot in against the 980Ti and the 980. It does jive with the fact that some rumors had suggested that Fury would beat Titan X while others have said it loses to the 980Ti. With 3 different Fury cards, it’s very well possible for the XT model to beat Titan X while the Pro or Nano might fall short of the TitanX or even the 980Ti.

According to the source, reference models will launch with water-cooled models as have been previously leaked. In addition, air cooled reference models are also expected to debut at launch, potentially in a three fan configuration like the HD 7990 and other non-reference models of the past. Given the expected specifications and how hot comparable products like the 295X2 and Titan X are, heat is expected to be high, explaining the water cooling but the source suggests that noise won’t be an issue with the reference coolers this time around.

For the first month or so of availability, only reference models will be available. The supply of these models is expected to be limited, but non-reference cards from partners are expected to arrive between mid-August and early September. It’s critical to note that all this information so far is an unconfirmed leak. AMD will reveal more information next week on June 16th so stay tuned till then.