Rockstar Bans People Affiliated with the GTA V FiveM Mod

Rockstar doesn’t seem to mind that people are modding the single player version of their Grand Theft Auto V game, but when it comes to multiplayer, things are completely different. Apparently, a particular mod named FiveM caught the eye of the game’s developers, who quickly decided to ban not only the mod’s creator but also anyone affiliated with it. The really bad news is that these bans affect all games that need Social Club to function properly, which means that people affiliated with the FiveM mod for GTA V will not be able to play Max Payne 3, for example.

As for this notorious mod, it allows players to enjoy an advanced multiplayer environment, and it was designed to be used on dedicated servers alongside other user-made mods. In an effort to protect GTA V’s multiplayer mode, Rockstar has banned the mod’s creator, NTAuthority, but it probably went a bit too far when it applied the same treatment to everyone affiliated with FiveM, even to those who were not even a part of its development. As long as these players have not broken the game’s EULA, it makes no sense for Rockstar to restrict their access to other unrelated games. At the time of writing, the company has not released any official comment.

Thank you DSOgaming for providing us with this information.