Roccat Tyon FPS Gaming Mouse Review

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The software for the Roccat Tyon is very similar to that of other Roccat products, those who have used their products before will be more than familiar with the layout. The software is very intuitive, despite the fact that there’s a mesmerizing number of features to play around with. If you want to tinker with a few basic settings, they’re within easy reach. If you want to spend all day tweaking profiles, advanced button configurations and macros and look at your input statistics, you can.

Screenshot 2015-01-28 11.47.51

Screenshot 2015-01-28 11.47.47

Screenshot 2015-01-28 11.48.01

Screenshot 2015-01-28 11.47.59

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The sensor in the Tyon is very impressive at low DPI settings. I could only get it as low as 200, which is low enough for fine accuracy when working in Photoshop or for picking off a few precision headshots in your favourite game.

Roccat Tyon 200

Roccat Tyon 800

Roccat Tyon 1600

Roccat Tyon 3200

Things are very good, with a smooth readout until you get around the 6400 area, from here on up, you get a bit of jitter and while that’s not ideal for accuracy, you’re not going to be using this setting for fine aiming. It’s perfectly good though and when you need to make those fast turns in Battlefield 4, the sensor has you covered.

Roccat Tyon 6400

Gaming performance on this mouse is absolutely stunning. I’m a big fan of Roccat products and have used their Kone XTD on my gaming system for quite some time. The Tyon takes what I loved about the Kone and gives it even more features that are great for gaming. Admittedly it does take a little getting used to the analogue stick on the side, but for mapping elevation when flying, or turret while driving a tank, there really is nothing to compare and once you get hang of it, it’s a real game changer. There’s a lot of buttons on this mouse and it can look intimidating to use them all, but a little care with your button configurations and you’ll quickly start to appreciate a nice balance between keyboard and mouse control.


The mouse is perfectly suited to games that require multiple control formats. Take Battlefield 4 for example, where you can be on foot one minute, in the air the next, then driving. Using the extra buttons as quick toggle profiles for each puts the controls you really need into the palm of your hand.

The Tyon is quite a heavy mouse, but it still glides very well on a wide range of surfaces. The extra weight is good for fine accuracy, but those who prefer an ultra-light mouse may find it a little uncomfortable. The ergonomics are really nice though and I found it perfectly suitable for both palm rest and claw grip playstyles, with the added bonus that the ergonomics and a low lift-off height make it great for lift-off play styles too.

The Tyon feels just at home with day-to-day web browsing and Photoshop work as it does with competitive gaming; it really is a master of all trades.

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