Ride Into Battle With The NERF Battle Racer!

So every time we report on Nerf and their creations, the grown up in my says “who would want that?” while the child is already reaching for my money. Seems like toy manufacturer Hauck and Stroller are interested in ridding us of that money as they reveal the latest in an arsenal of Nerf weapons, the NERF Battle Racer!

Ever feel like running into battle just wasn’t enough? Pedal this monster into the fury while carrying two of your favourite NERF blasters on the front, strapping some spare ammo in the middle to keep you stocked up for those extended fights. Feel like you need more fire power? Carry an additional two blasters behind the chair, giving either yourself or your teammates that extra blaster when they need it the most.

As well as a nice design, the chair looks quite comfy, including small pockets for you to store spare NERF rounds. While designed for children (aged 4-10), I can see many adults peddling away while blasting their latest NERF guns into the air.

So we are getting more competitive NERF guns, a NERF blaster with a working chainsaw and now a battle racer. When will they just give us what we ask for and create a car fully equipped for all your NERF needs? Currently, you can get this pedal powered armoury for $249.99 from ToysRUs (America only at the moment sadly).

Do you play NERF? Would you buy this for your children (or yourselves, be honest here)?