Revised Intel 8 Series (Haswell) Motherboards Available In September

Digitimes reports that Intel’s new C2 stepping 8 Series (Z87/Z85/H87/H81/B85) Haswell motherboards will be available from September to consumers. The issue with the current C1 stepping is a design flaw with the USB 3.0 host controllers that caused connected USB devices through the USB 3.0 ports to improperly restart on resume from sleep state such as S3 suspend to RAM. This means users have to uplug and refit USB devices, a significant hassle if you are running USB storage devices via your USB 3.0 ports.

The issue came to light back in March, and we brought you the news, but it was too late to fix since it needed a hardware fix and motherboard vendors had already begun finalising the first wave of LGA 1150 motherboards. While the error is a minor one for some people it has been off-putting but you will only have to wait until September to pick up C2 revisions of the current Intel 8 Series motherboards. Of course users are advised to check with their retailer first if they are looking for a C2 revision as C1 revision stock are likely to remain in the retail channel until the end of the year.

Image courtesy of Intel, Information via TechPowerUp