Resilience Project Reveals Genetic Superheroes

When people study and wonder about their genetics, they often think about their history. So what happens when science tells us about the history that could have become true? This is what’s happened with the resilience project revealing not just one but thirteen genetic superheroes.

The resilience project was designed as a way of studying over half a million genomes, identifying any genetic resistance that the applicants may have had. As it turns out the 13 genetic superheroes had childhood diseases that would have resulted in their untimely death, the only twist in this story was that they didn’t pass away, instead growing into strong adults.

So what about contacting people with these superhero genes? Imagine being able to take further samples and track down more about their genetic sequences and the resilience that has saved their lives. Sadly the forms involved with signing up didn’t pass on details such as names or contact information, meaning that while we know they exist, we don’t know who the superheroes are, and even they don’t know who is a genetic superhero.

With the ability to expand on the project, the resilience project is looking to recruit over a million additional people for the study, hopefully, this time with contact information so that results like this raise more than hope and curiosity.