Researchers Create Hydrating Beer By Adding Electrolytes

The Huffington Post reports that Australian researchers have developed a beer that hydrates you. If you didn’t already know the beer we currently drink actually serves to dehydrate you the more you drink, the main reason you may get headaches, hangovers or aches and pains the next day if you drink too much of it.

Australian researchers at Griffith University Health Institute say they have found a way to combat dehydration from beer. Simply explained they add electrolytes to the beer, electrolytes are a common ingredient in sports drinks. That said it wasn’t simply as easy as adding electrolytes because the researchers said they had to reduce the alcohol content for it to work.

The specially designed light “hydrating” beer is 33% more effective at hydrating than normal beer so should prevent a hangover, but the beer is probably so weak that you have to drink gallons of it to even come within danger of that. The researchers did not specify the ABV. It is good to see technology being put to good use!

Image courtesy of Getty