Research Firm Investigates Why Some Apple Watch Owners Are Dissatisfied

The Apple Watch received a fairly lukewarm reception and ridiculed for its extremely high pricing. Despite this, the device has sold surprisingly well and I didn’t expect this given the daily charge requirement. As with any purchase, there’s always going to be some buyer’s remorse but this doesn’t occur that often with Apple products. Perhaps, this is due to their slow price depreciation or simply Apple’s very strong brand loyalty. However, not everyone is pleased with the Apple Watch and research firm, Wristly asked 330 disgruntled Apple Watch owners to explain why they were so unhappy.

Here we can see, the majority of those surveyed felt like the Apple Watch represented poor value, and believed the device was too limiting. Additionally, battery life is another huge concern and makes the Apple Watch pretty inconvenient. The research company also asked Apple Watch owners to recommend improvements. Here is a brief selection of the comments:

“The user interface and get rid of that “crown” wheel, or improve it… and maybe stop calling it crown as it is cheesy and pretentious.”

“Thinner and more aesthetically pleasing, longer battery, better heart rate software, not requiring phone tethering.”

“Speed, waterproofing, activity tracking more in line with fit band watches, battery life.”

Unfortunately, the sample size is quite small so it’s unclear how representative these views are of Apple Watch owners. Although, it definitely seems like a flawed device and rumours indicate a second generation model could arrive sometime mid year next. If this occurs, and it’s a significant improvement, early adopts will rightfully feel aggrieved.