Remember The Machine That Finds Shiny Pokemon? Well It Just Got Better

Gotta catch all the shiny Pokemon

Late November 2013 a modder by the name of dekuNukem was able to create a machine that was capable of finding the ever elusive shiny Pokemon. The machine called a “hands free shiny finder” spread like wild fire in the Pokemon community, with many (including myself) amazed at how the machine worked. The idea came from when it was found out that an easy way to tell if your about to encounter a shiny Pokemon is by simply looking at the bottom screen just before said encounter. Shiny Pokemon like other rare Pokemon in Pokemon X & Y have a special animation. Simply put a shiny Pokemon encounter will take longer for the bottom screen to load. Armed with this information dekuNukem created a light sensor to measure how long the bottom screen took to load. If a shiny Pokemon was encountered an alarm would sound and the user could come over to the 3DS and try to capture the Pokemon, if the Pokemon is not a shiny the machine makes the character run away and try another encounter.


Well now they have gone a step further with the machine now able to find and catch shiny Pokemon in any situation, (the previous version only allowed shiny Pokemon found in water to be caught) as well as breeding, naming and cloning Pokemon all without human input. An updated video showing off the  Poke-O-Matic can be viewed below.


Some in the Pokemon community claim that this machine takes the fun out of the game, while others who have never found a shiny Pokemon before are hailing it’s design and can’t wait to get their hands on one. What’s your opinion on this interesting piece of DIY technology?

Thanks to Kotaku for the information provided

Image courtesy of Nintendo Life