Remedy Is Hiring People for a New AAA Title

Video game developer Remedy Entertainment was founded back in 1995, and it has released quite a few amazing games since then, including Alan Wake, Death Rally and the Max Payne series. The studio’s most recent project is Quantum Break, a third-person shooter action game that is scheduled to be released on April 5, 2016 for the Xbox One console exclusively. However, even though Quantum Break is not even released yet, it appears that the company is already looking to recruit new talent for a new upcoming AAA game. The current available positions include Senior/Lead AI Programmer, Senior Tools Programmer, Generalist Programmer, Senior Producer, Technical artist and Outsourcing Manager.

Even though the studio has not shared any details regarding the AAA title in question, we do know that Alan Wake 2 is officially in production, so maybe that’s what the ad was targeted at. Whatever the next game may be, I have high hopes that it will be something incredible, especially since the original Alan Wake and Max Payne were such amazing games. If you think that you have what it takes to work at Remedy Entertainment, maybe you should have a look at the job offerings on the company’s official website. Keep in mind that the company is based in Espoo, Finland, though.