Remastered “The Last of Us” Screenshots Revealed

The Last of Us was an incredibly popular gaming title of 2013 for the PlayStation 3 platform that won numerous awards and has become a somewhat legendary PS3 game. Since the launch of the PS4 in late 2013 its developers, Naughty Dog, have promised a remastered version that will take advantage of the newer and more potent hardware on the PS4. That remastered version is still yet to arrive since being announced in April. However, a whopping 42 screenshots of the Last of Us in action on the PS4 have emerged online. We’ve taken three of the best which you can see above, check the source link for the rest of them in full 1080p glory. It is worth pointing out these are still fairly “early” screenshots of the remastered version, the final version will probably have less compression, more anti-aliasing and will be better optimised for the PS4 hardware. We certainly hope that Naughty Dog takes this leak as an opportunity to release some official screenshots to keep loyal followers of the series happy, no one likes having to rely on leaks and rumours.

Source: NeoGAF

Images courtesy of Brotkasten (NeoGAF Forums)