Redecorate Your Home Using Augmented Reality

Israeli startup Cimagine Media, has developed a markerless augmented reality (AR) which, in partnership with Shop Direct, owners of online retailers and, will be implemented to show potential customers how thousands of products – from sofas, to lamps, to televisions – would look in their home.

Cimagine’s AR system, using the camera on a smartphone or tablet, scans a room and them places a 3D model of an item of interest within the room on-screen. The 3D model has static positioning, so you can walk around it with your phone or tablet to see how it looks from other angles.

Littlewoods is using the system now, available to residents of the UK and Ireland, but for the moment, the AR system only works in conjunction with Apple devices: once the iOS app is installed on an iPhone or iPad, curious users can visit the site, click on the “view at home” button below and item, and it is then displayed in the app as 3D, AR model.

Those outside the UK and Ireland who are curious about Cimagine’s AR technology can check out Cimagine’s standalone app, available for download here.

Source: The Next Web