Reddit Launches Full-Site HTTPS Support

Reddit now offers its users full HTTPS support via CloudFlare, a popular CDN and DNS provider. However, there are a couple of catches to obtain this extra security feature; you must be signed into the site to use HTTPS and you need to opt-in as the option is off by default.

The extra security will no doubt be a welcome addition to the site for many of the readers, especially in light of modern hacking and privacy concerns. Reddit have integrated a new security tab to make sure you’re up to speed with the feature and to guide people through the simple process of enabling HTTPS features.

  • It ensures your browser communicates with Reddit over a secure channel when logged in.
  • It disables the “display links with a reddit toolbar” preference.
  • Some third-party apps may not support it.
  • Changing it will log you out of reddit on other devices, and will invalidate your old private RSS feeds.

If it proves successful and Reddit can work out issues with points two and three, they may even roll out the HTTPS by default for everyone.

Thank you TheNextWeb for providing us with information.