RED Shows Off New 8K Camera

RED, the American manufacturer of high-end, professional HD cameras, favoured by such lauded directors as Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson, loves pushing its equipment into higher resolutions. The company, which released its first 4K camera, the RED One, back in 2007, at a time before 1080p was the home standard, is preparing to launch a whopping 8K RAW camera.

The RED Weapon Vista Vision has a 8,192×4,320, 35-megapixel sensor which can shoot 8K widescreen at 75fps,  can record in RAW and ProRes formats simultaneously, and has a 40.96×21.6mm Vista Vision chip.

The price, however, is where this high-end piece of kit becomes expensively prohibitive: a RED Weapon Vista Vision will cost you at least $59,500, not counting lenses and accessories. Plus, the “camera” is essentially an upgrade for the 6K Weapon Woven CF, so anyone wanting to enjoy glorious 8K resolutions needs to buy the Weapon Woven CF for $49,500 and then add the $10,000 8K sensor, the price for which doubles to $20,000 after 16th April. Owners of the RED Scarlet or Epic cameras are entitled to credits towards Weapon models.

RED is yet to announce the release date or other specifications for the Weapon Vista Vision, but it will reportedly be available before the end of 2015.

Thank you Engadget for providing us with this information.