Recent Adobe Hack Reveals 1.9 Million People Used 123456 As Their Password

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People use stupid passwords, it is a fact that we’ve known since passwords became important for accessing online services. At the end of last month Cybercriminals hacked Adobe’s systems, managing to expose 130 million encrypted passwords. Yet the encryption was so weak that almost all of the passwords have now been converted into plain text equivalents. This is because Adobe used the Triple DES (3DES) hashing algorithm according to Softpedia, and this algorithm provides some clues to what the password might be. If you combine that with the fact Adobe’s database also contained password hints, it has made it very easy for security experts to crack these passwords.

Of those 130 million hacked passwords, 1.9 million of them were “123456”, 0.45 million were “123456789”, 0.35 million were “password” and 0.2 million were “adobe123”. Scrolling down the below list you can see the usual array of lazy passwords that are as rubbish as they are insecure. It goes without saying that if your password for any website or service can be found below then you really need to be changing it pretty quickly to something much stronger.adobe_password_hack

Image #1 courtesy of Adobe and image #2 courtesy of Stricture Consulting Group

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24 Comments on Recent Adobe Hack Reveals 1.9 Million People Used 123456 As Their Password

  • Avatar Skidmarks says:

    With all the passwords I have to remember nowadays, I have trouble remembering my own name. It’s about time we scrapped this ‘password’ thing and went onto something a bit more sophisticated, like DNA testing from your skin cells on your keyboard.

    • Avatar Mename says:

      WTF?! in 2050 i think

    • Avatar Jia-hao Rj Lao says:

      DNA? After u get STDs/AIDS and some other cancer then you wont be able to use ur DNA as a password on your keyboard.

      • Avatar Skidmarks says:

        I was just kidding in my post but I still don’t know why we don’t use biometrics, eg. fingerprint, retina scanning…

        • Avatar Ryan Bloch says:

          … Because it’s too complicated for a majority of the idiots in the world. Most of them can’t use a smart phone properly lol

        • Avatar Maurizio says:

          what about privacy? it’s costly anyway, and wouldn’t be permitted by law most probably. it’s already used in important things like safes and presidential nuclear launch codes (if they exist)

      • Avatar Ryan Bloch says:

        You’re DNA doesn’t change because you have a virus dumbass.

        • Avatar samuel says:

          cancer a virus? really? no

          • Avatar Ryan Bloch says:

            Cancer is still your DNA, it’s from your own body and having it doesn’t change that. A virus is foreign, it still doesn’t effect your DNA. You’re as dumb as the other guy….

          • Avatar Hazza Bob says:

            Actually cancer is a mutation of the DNA which means that certain function is altered which causes the “symptoms” of such cancer… that lead to death or severe disability (also taking into account whether the cancer is be malignant or benign). So, because your DNA becomes mutated in a certain area, if that managed to spread round your whole body (but by this stage is quite serious) then it could indeed alter your DNA.

          • Avatar -_- says:

            i’ll just leave this here;
            (fwi cancer, viruses, uv light, hell even burnt toast can all (some more rarely than others) cause changes in DNA but the real issue (not to mention the total impracticality of dna sequencing on the fly) would be contamination form foreign other dna from bacteria on skin, skin cells in dust etc)

          • Avatar Ryan Bloch says:

            Maybe you should look up the amount of normal cells in your body vs mutated cells, so unless you’re entire body is mutated the odds that the cells that are collected for DNA checking will be all mutated is non existent. Moron.

    • Avatar Martin Eriksen says:

      Use a password manager then lol

      • Avatar Skidmarks says:

        I do but it’s a pain in the butt to use.

        • Avatar Martin Eriksen says:

          It really isn’t. I use Safe In Cloud both on my PC and android device and it’s a breeze to use. No more having to remember half-assed passwords and use the same password on many sites.

          Now I have 15-character scrambled password on all sites.

  • Avatar Chris Sugg says:

    So it seems ‘Daniel’ is the most common male idiot’s name, and ‘Jessica’ the most common female idiot.

  • Avatar Nabeel Farooqui says:

    password123? ehm…

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