Razer Mamba 16,000 DPI Gaming Mouse Review

by - 7 years ago


A Closer Look

First impressions of the Mamba are extremely promising, as the build quality look and feels superb. The ergonomics are tooled for right-hand use and there’s a durable rubber grip on the left side, as well as two nice and large side buttons.


Running down the side of the mouse, a clear strip for the LED lighting, which comes with multiple lights to allow a wide range of colourful effects; don’t worry, we’ll test those shortly.


On the right, another LED strip, as well as another large rubber grip. The mouse has quite a wide design, which is great for a claw grip play style, as it allows you to get all your fingers around the mouse with ease, giving you excellent grip and control.


There’s a nice large scroll wheel, which also features an LED lighting strip around the edge, as well as a grippy rubber coating for added control. The tactile bump is nicely defined, making it easy to navigate while gaming or browsing. behind that, we’ve got two more switches, which are programmable, but by default are used for DPI adjustments.


The Mamba ergonomics slope off to one side, giving your wrist a more natural resting position and helps improve overall grip. In the center, there’s a small USB port, perfect for charging the mouse or using it in wired mode.


The custom shape of the USB header means it blends into the shape of the Mamba effortlessly.


On the base, you’ll find three good-sized slipmats for added glide, a master power switch to save the battery when using it in wireless mode, the charging dock contact points, and most importantly, the tool slots for the mouse buttons. Turning the small screws (using the small Allen key included in the box), you can easily adjust the response force for the left and right buttons independently.


The charging dock is pretty straight forward, with a notch in the top that allows the mouse to simply sit on the top with ease, no mucking about trying to line up cables or connectors.


There’s a small opening at the back for the mouse cable.


Again, all easily connected together.


The mouse looks great on the stand too, the perfect way to store and show off your new gaming mouse!


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4 Comments on Razer Mamba 16,000 DPI Gaming Mouse Review

  • Avatar Casper Claudi Andersen Rafn says:

    Srsly where are u going to use 16.000 dpi? on a 8k Screen mabey, but come on man

    • Avatar Marshal Dylan Beard says:

      It’s called lowering your in-windows sensitivity so that you can raise your DPI, resulting in a more accurate mouse with the same sensitivity.

      • Avatar Melinda Taylor says:

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      • Avatar Casper Claudi Andersen Rafn says:

        wow great i did not knew that thanks i will try this, since I keep getting killed in Starwars batllefront. Thanks again !

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