Razer Diamondback Gaming Mouse Review

Final Thoughts


The Razer Diamondback gaming mouse is available directly from the Razer store for £79.99, although there is a special edition available for £89.99 if you felt you wanted something a little different. Let’s make no excuses, this is an expensive product, but given the features and the sensor that it comes equipped with, it’s the £130 Razer Mamba at a much more affordable price.


The Razer Mamba is one of the best gaming mice I’ve ever tested, and while the Razer Diamondback looks very different indeed, nor does it come with the same hybrid wireless/wired design of the Mamba, it’s still every bit as good a mouse as its bigger brother, with a much more affordable price tag.

There are a lot of great gaming mice out there, you can go out and spend between £40 and £60 and get some of the best sensors and ergonomics in the world and you’ll be very happy with it. So how is Razer getting away with charging £80? Simple, they’re offering just that little big more and it’s really down to your personal taste, and your bank balance, to decide if it’s worth it.

Razer have equipped their incredible 16,000 DPI sensor to this mouse and it’s certainly something that any serious gamer will want to use. Will you ever use the full 16,000 DPI? No likely, but what does stand out is the extensive DPI adjustment settings, as well as the silky smooth sensor performance across the whole range. 16,000 is a big number that looks great, but when it comes down to it, it’s the core performance of this sensor that should really get you interested.

The ergonomics are a little strange at first, for me personally I just can’t see myself using this mouse full-time as I prefer the fatter grip of the Mamba mouse, but when it comes to having a slim and nimble mouse, that’s light on its feet for fast paced MOBA and twitch shooters, the Diamondback does excel. The fact that it’s perfect for both left and right-handed use in a wide range of grip types only helps sweeten the deal, and I’m sure it’s going to appeal to and impress a wide range of gamers.


  • Excellent glide
  • Flawless sensor performance
  • Full RGB lighting
  • Powerful macro engine
  • Left and right hand ergonomics
  • Excellent build quality


  • Slim design may not be suited to those with wider hands


  • It is a little expensive, but you do get one of the best sensors and RGB lighting systems on the market

“The Razer Diamondback is an exceptional mouse for work and play, with a silky smooth sensor, gorgeous aesthetics and a versatile range of features. It’s a little expensive, but with performance that’s a cut above the competition, it’s easily justified.”

Razer Diamondback Gaming Mouse Review

Thank you Razer for providing us with this sample.